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Any database professional that has been around the Microsoft world for more than about 3 minutes will be familiar with the old, faithful sample dataset created and published by Microsoft: Adventure Works. The Adventure Works databases follow the sales of a (fictional) multinational conglomerate looking to take over the work one bicycle sale at a time! The samples included a couple of databases...

Bradley Schacht

Bradley Schacht is a Senior Program Manager on the Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics team based in Jacksonville, FL. He has worked with Microsoft SQL Server and Azure data services since 2009 as a consultant, trainer, and architect. He has co-authored 4 SQL Server and Power BI books, most recently the Microsoft Power BI Quick Start Guide. Bradley enjoys solving interesting problems and teaching others to use new technology. He frequently presents at community events around the country, is a contributor to sites such as, and is a member of the Jacksonville SQL Server User Group (JSSUG).

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